Friday, 1 June 2012

Nokia N8 Striped Pouch

Assalamualaikum wb.. 

Today I made another pouch. This time I purposely made it for my Nokia N8. Even though I did not follow any specific pattern, but I am sure there are lot of similar pouches out there with patterns in the webs.

Nevertheless, I would capture my version of the pouch for my own future reference (and maybe a few others who happen to stumble upon my blog here.. ).

Make magic circle
chain 3 (first dc), stitch another 11 dc in the circle, join  the row (12 dc)
Chain 3, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each stitch, join row (24 stitch)
Chain 3, *(2 dc in next stitch, dc in next stitch), repeat * until end of row, join row

Check the base with bottom of handphone. Make it  a little bit smaller than the hp, it will later getting bigger after a few more rows.


Change color
chain 3, dc in every stitch (maintaining the same stitch until you get the height that you need for your hp.

Mine reached after 12 even rows. Change the color based on your preference. I changed colour in alternate row because it was easier for me to maintain the same yarn without cutting them. I just brought back the next yarn which I left behind before the row.

When you reach the top part of the hp, decide whether you want the hp to be fully hidden or some what appear a little bit. I made my pouch exactly the same height (even though in fact mine is smaller) of my hp for easy retrieval and insert in. 

So, at after the 12 row (to fuly cover it shoould be 13 row plus edging) I start to make the edging. 

At row 13, *(slip stitch at first stitch.  Skip next stitch, 5 dc in next stitch, skip next stitch),  repeat * until end row.

To make the flap, 

There will be 4 flower edge at the back of the pouch. For row 14: sc in every stitch until you reach the middle of second flower at back part of the pouch. 

Chain around 5 stitch. Skip second half stitch of the same flower as well as the first part of the next flower. Sc the next stitch, chain 3, turn.

6dc in the space. chain 3, turn. Repeat the row until your desired length of the flap.

At the last row, turn, sc in each stitch. chain 10 or depends on what is the size of your button hole. Skip the whole stitch and sc in the last stitch in the row. 

Turn and sc in the space. Continue sc in end side of every row down to the beginning of the flap and on every stitch of the flowery edging until you reach the last stitch before end of row 14.

Now, we can start making the handle.

Chain 3 and make Foundation Double Crochet until you reach the desired length. Attach the handle to the other side of the pouch. 

(For Foundation Half Double Crochet, you can google lots of them from internet and try to apply the same concept to Foundation Double Crochet. I did found info about Foundation Double Crochet some time ago but cannot recall the site.)

 Turn and sc in each of the side of the Foundation Double Crochet until the beginning of the handle. Continue the sc until it reach the other side of the flap and sc up the flap. Slip stitch when it reach the first sc at the flap edge. Slip stitch and cut the yarn. Weave off.

As for the flower, with red yarn make a magic circle.

Chain 1 and stitch 5 or 6 sc inside the ring. Change color and join the round. Slip stitch, chain 3, slip stitch in next stitch. Repeat until you have 5 chain 3. 

Next round, slip stitch and 5 dc in the chain 3 space, slip stitch in next chain 3 space. Repeat at all the chain 3 space. Cut yarn with a few inch length of yarn left. Weave / tie the yarn loosely to the pouch.


I apologise for the difficulty to understand my write-up. My first time of complete write-up like this.

p/s: this is my second time write the entry actually. My first was not able to be published due to internet problem... Arrggghhh...

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