Saturday, 23 June 2012

First Time Ever

Assalamualaikum wb...

My girl, Fatihah joined club at her school. Last week she was taught to do some simple sewing activity.

When she came back home, she asked me to provide her with fabrics, needles and thread. I gave all to her and that was the only thing I did. The rest was done by her own.

At the beginning, she asked me to supply her with A4 size fabrics. She did something with it and after some time asked me to give her another piece in the same size. According to her, she want to make small pillow for herself. After that she asked for some filling.

She surprised me with her first ever sewing project fully done by her own. I didnt take a look even once during the process. She did it alone in my craft room to get away from her little sister.

Not bad, I think.  She wrote her name on the pillow using marker. I suggested to her to sew it next time.

I already book a small pillow from her. Hopefully mine would be ready soon... :). I was thinking to teach her neater stitch but better not too rush. Let her explore at her own pace.

Actually I have some urgent matter to be settled during this few weeks and the month of Ramadhan will be around within less than one month, so I presumed I would be here less frequent.

Assalamualaikum and be good.


  1. salam ramadan untuk keluarga ummi fatihah,

    berapa umur fatihah? Kecil lagi dah pandai jahit-menjahit.

  2. Salam Ramadhan untuk kak Leyla dan keluarga juga.

    FAtihah Insya'Allah November ni masuk 10 tahun. Saya sendiri boleh jahit sikit2, tapi bila anak2 nak pegang jarum dan gunting ni saya rasa ngeri. Jadi kalau nak harapkan saya nak ajar, memang lambat .

    Saya memang teringin nak anak2 ada kemahiran tangan sekadar untuk kegunaan sendiri dan keluarga. Tapi kalau mampu sehingga dpt menjana pendapatan sampingan, lagi bagus... :)

    Terima kasih kak sebab jenguk teratak kecil saya ni.. :)


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