Monday, 28 May 2012

Simple Pouch

Assalamualaikum wb..

I think I can finish my crochet project faster if I didnt follow any pattern specifically...

This is the evidence. I was crocheting a set of flower (6 pieces) following a pattern from Whiskers & Wool. web. After 6 times crocheting the same pattern, I some sort of memorizing it in my mind.

I  was thinking of making a pouch for my  air-conditioner remote control which always MIA every time I need it.

So, using the pattern as the base, I just keep on maintaining the amount of stitch until it reach the right height.

Simple crochet pouch by ummufatihah

And I ended it up with flower pattern stitch which was also used in the original pattern.

Simple pouch by ummufatihah
My baby and the pouch

As we can see here, the front side and the back side were using different style. I was thinking that it would be more practical to make space at the front so that it would be easier to switch on/ off the control without taking it out of the pouch.

I used two double crochet in between double crochet stitch (*2 dc in dc  st), chain two , skip next 2 stitch, repeat * until it cover the front part of the remote control. When it reach the side, double crochet in each double crochet stitch until end of back side. Repeat every row until your intended height.

Then, start doing the row for inserting cord. This is done before the flowery stitch.  

For the front part, just maintain the same stitch as per previous row. For the back part, 2 double crochet in next stitch, chain two, skip 2 stitch. Repeat until end of back part.

Then only continue with the flowery part. Just follow the instruction from the original pattern here.

For the cord, make chain up to the length you want. Then insert in and out of the row before the flowery row. Cut the yarn with few inch longer. Weave the yarn with tapestry needle to the other end of the cord.


After some thinking, maybe I will use the pouch for my new Nokia N8. ;)

Have a good day, and be good.

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