Saturday, 3 March 2012

Stationery pouch wish list

Assalamualaikum wb...

Alhamdulillah, the new pouch has been handed over to the new owner.

Actually, hubby needs bigger pouch but wise enough not to reject the pouch.

So, he requested bigger pouch for next project to keep the rest of his items; mouse, pointer, pen drive and whatever else which could fit inside...

I already set on one easy project, as usual from the internet.

Hope to start off very soon but Maryam already booked for one angry bird pouch for her.

Let us see if mama can make it a reality.

Ouch, my finger still hurt.

Until then, let the feel good of completing my very first zipper project linger around a little bit longer...

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Mission Accomplished

  • Bigger Stationery Pouch (Hubby)
  • Pencil Pouch (Maryam)
  • Stylish Pen Case (Hubby)

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