Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fresh from the oven

Assalamualaikum wb...

Just finished my latest sewing project. A "Hello Kitty" coin pouch. Enough to be hanged as mobile phone charm.

These few days, I've been surfing the web for pouch sewing project ideas.

Eventhough I didn't use any specific tutorial to be quoted here, nevertheless it is a combination of various ideas since I am just a beginner.

I will put some of my favorite links related to coin pouch which should be credited for sharing their wonderful
ideas for references.

This is what I have done today...


  1. Walaikum Assalam W.B
    Dear you have done this beautiful job..I like the pouches..very smart..

  2. Assalamualaikum Khadija,

    Thank you...

    You can see that both ends are not symmetric. It was due to I kept on adjusting it hoping that it would look like those pro-made pouches in the webs... :)

    This is one of the solutions (hopefully) for a "careless" person like me who tend to misplace anything she hold anywhere she goes..

  3. Asalamualaikum Ummu,
    Wah sekian lama MI tak datang sini, dah byk benda2 creative yang Ummu telah laku kan.
    Very nice...sebab semua nya ini hasil karya tangan Ummu sendiri.

    MI kagum :)

    Semuga maju jaya dengan projek2 Ummu yang lain tu :D

    Lots of Love

  4. Alaikumsalam Mak Isah,

    Tu lah dia.. Lamak sik ndiat Mak Isah update blog.

    Kamek lately gik tengah "hangat" ngan projek jahitan. Berbanding dgn crochet, jahitan cepat agik proses. Yalah nampak banyak ya.. sebenarnya sik ada juak.. :)

    Dah lapang sikit Mak Isah?... Boleh lah baca entri2 baru dari Mak Isah tuk.. :)..

    Looking forward reading them.. :)


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