Monday, 27 February 2012

Husband Wish Item

Assalamualaikum wb...

My husband was complaining that he didnt have pencil pouch to put his stationery when he sat for his exam last weekend.

My surprise that he requested for me to make him a pouch. I know I made lots of bookmarks for him lately but never expect that he would "trust" his little wife (that is me) for the pouch. I need to mention here that I tried the bookmarks because I know there is no other easier sewing project to attempt.

And to me, the pouch would be an advance project comparing to bookmarks. Nevertheless, I couldnt ignore the request since my husband never request me to make him anything sewn other than bookmark before this. I thought the last thing he would do is for his friends to see him with fabric pouch.

So, here I am. Surfing and surfing for ideas in internet. Finally I chose a Stylish Pencil Pouch by Pink Penguin. It comes with a very detailed step-by-step tutorial which at this moment I think I can follow. But, still I cannot avoid the scary part of the zipper.

Luckily, she specifically mentioned there not to afraid or worry of the zipper part. And she is very good in demonstrating that inserting zipper is not the end of the world.

So, I hope I would be able to share the outcome of my next mission very soon. (Very soon would meant differently to different person. So, better used to my version of Very Soon.. :)

Be Good.

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Mission Accomplished

  • Bigger Stationery Pouch (Hubby)
  • Pencil Pouch (Maryam)
  • Stylish Pen Case (Hubby)

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